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Insurina for comparing insurance policies prices’ Affiliate Marketing Programm:

In Insurina for comparing insurance policies prices, we provide the best ways to market our services, meet customers requests and offer full coverage insurance policies with the best prices.

If you have experience in affiliate marketing, create an account on our platform and provide unique addition to your business.

Why work in Insurina?

  1. Rewarding Commission & Compensation.

  2. Free to work from Anywhere.

  3. Training and Personal Development.

  4. Wide Range of Product.

  5. 24/7 Technical support.

  6. Work with leading Insurance Company.

How to join our program:

  1. Complete the program enrollment form.

  2. Marketing  materials will be sent to you such as: insurance system, graphic designs, implementation instructions. 

  3. You will use our marketing materials to promote our services to all your customer. 

  4. You will get a commission for every insurance policy sold via your program.

Insurance Policies types in the affiliate marketing program:

  • Health Insurance.

  • Car Insuracne.

  • WorkMen's Compensation.

  • Real Estate Insurance.

Information you should know:

  1. Program enrollment is for free with no administrative expenses.

  2. Join the program by filling out the enrollment form.

  3. Your commission will be paid on the last day of the month.

  4. There is no minimum for insurance policies sold, your commission will be paid regardless of the number of policies sold.

  5. Your customers' orders will be monitored via a link sent to your email and linked to Insurina platform

Join Our Team

Note: We will provide best Insurance training.