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Car Insurance and How to Choose the Suitable Insurance Company

Car Insurance and How to Choose the Suitable Insurance Company

Car Insurance and How to Choose the Suitable Insurance Company

When you buy a car, your main concern is how to take care of it and choose the best car care center, but before that, you have to think about a very important thing, which is how to get a car insurance policy, how it will cover many risks that may occur, and most importantly, is it required by the law. 

Do not worry... With the Insurina platform, we offer you the best car insurance companies in the UAE and we will help you to choose the most suitable insurance policy. 

Here we show you all the car insurance types so you choose the best for you. 

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance:

This insurance covers damages that may occur to others, whether you caused damage to their property or body, in addition, it covers death cases. Third-party insurance is mandatory by UAE Third-Party Insurance Law and is less expensive than comprehensive insurance. 

Compare and choose the suitable insurance policy for you

  • Inclusive Insurance:

Inclusive insurance (Full Coverage Policy) is the best for your car, as it covers not only third-party liability but also covers:

  1. The car damage or body injury that resulted from an accident.

  2. Theft or any other intentional act of sabotage.

  3. Fire, self-ignition, external explosion, or natural disasters such as lightning and torrents.

  4. Damage resulting from animal accidents.

  5. Any accidents or actions provided that they are not contrived.

In the case you purchase your car through bank financing or a financial facility company, a full insurance policy is mandatory. You can also get full insurance benefits for cars that are less than 7 years old, according to United Arab Emirates Law. In case your car exceeds the maximum years, you can get third-party liability insurance benefits only. 

Get to know the best insurance companies 

  • How to Choose the Insurance Company:

You may ask! How can I choose a suitable insurance company after determining the insurance type I want? 

Insurina platform offers you some tips to help you choose the right insurance company: 

  1. Determine your car's needs and what your insurance policy needs to cover.

  2. Choose a reputable insurance company. With Insurina platform, we care to provide you with the best insurance companies in UAE, in order to make sure that you get the best insurance policy. 

  3. Compare companies’ offers in order to get a car insurance policy that includes everything you want to cover and a price that is suitable for your budget. 

  4. Review the insurance policy’s terms and conditions before contracting and make sure you know: 

    1. List of Damages covered by the insurance policy. 

    2. Damages not covered by the insurance policy. 

    3. Other benefits offered by the insurance company. 

Car insurance is not only for the protection of your car, but it is a protection for you and your family in the first place. 

Our first priority is to protect you and your family!

Insurina .. Safety, and Security!